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Quality & Exclusivity

The most important foundation of Danespan is the commitment to each customer, making the most of every idea, thought or suggestion that helps us to build a better experience. We identify ourselves as design lovers and persevere in taking the utmost care of our products, making them unique.

Danespan manufactures especially high-end kitchen furniture, and for our most demanding customers, also bathroom furniture, dressing rooms, wardrobes, living room furniture and barbecues with special materials.

[ why danespan ]

Our Philosophy

We focus on efficiency and sustainability to achieve the highest quality. Ecological processes, intelligent use of materials and energy. All this and our own warehouse allows us to have a comfortable movement being the relevant aspects in a project.


We work with the most innovative materials and machinery on the market. The exclusivity is made different from the rest by its physical characteristics and mechanical properties reaching the desired result. An ideal solution for each project making it unique and special.


Advanced to most competencies we use a state of the art manufacturing process made of continuous pressing technique. We have superior machinery to excel in every project that comes into our factory.

[ what sets us apart ]

The luxury you deserve

That’s why we adapt to your needs, achieving the ergonomics you need in your home.

Every customer is unique and special

Danespan is a small company but big in its potential for action, this is because we do not panic no matter how big or complicated each project is. We like a challenge, that's why our team has installed Danespan kitchens in Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Uruguay, France, UK, Ireland, Morocco, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands and Ireland to date and we will continue to take our brand beyond our borders if our customers so wish.

Superpan, the innovative solution

Superpan is an innovative board with a unique composition that is different from other conventional boards on the market. With its unique physical characteristics and mechanical properties, Superpan represents an ideal solution in numerous applications in the furniture and decoration sector.

Special Structure

A special structure thanks to its versatility and easy adaptability to multiple applications. This new generation of technical wood not only gives you a higher level of quality, but also optimises resources. Furniture made from Danespan QualityKitchens with Superpan offers the customer a competitive advantage over traditional alternatives. The guarantee of a material of higher performance and quality. This means greater longevity of the final product.

Assembly and Installation

All our workers are part of our professional team that are trained in the company with a very defined process and 33 years of experience that makes us be at the forefront in our sector. That is why Danespan Qualitykitchens is highly valued, we stop at every detail to give the best of us every day. This process itself entails the acceptance and proper use of all materials in each project, therefore, each element will be assembled within these parameters. Complying with the safety and hygiene measures established by the law of Occupational Risk Prevention.

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