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Our green sustainability in all processes

Contributing to and maintaining the environmental balance is a fundamental concern for the sustainability of the planet that we strive to participate in all processes. The pollution produced by human action on this planet has reached unsustainable levels and every drop counts as solutions to reduce the impact of humans on the planet.

Concern for the care of the planet has led a large part of the population to become much more conscious and active in the preservation of the environment, which has led to an increased demand for sustainable materials and production methodologies. The same is true in this room: climate change can be stopped in the kitchen.

Achieving the lowest possible impact on the environment throughout its entire cycle, from the mechanisation of raw materials until they cease to fulfil their function, is paramount. The production process of our manufacture is supported in an important part by photovoltaic solar panels to be energy self-sufficient.

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Sustainability Label

Everything counts. Although it may be thought that the boards are biodegradable, formaldehyde-based glues (urea-formaldehyde, phenol-formaldehyde or melamine-formaldehyde) are used in the manufacturing process, which give the board a certain toxicity due to the free formaldehyde content they contain. The New Superpan is a board that DANESPAN uses in all kitchens with whose special properties we achieve a great difference with respect to the rest of kitchen furniture manufacturers. It is an innovative board with a unique composition that is different from the rest of the conventional boards on the market. A new generation of technical wood through a continuous pressing process. We constantly invest in research, maintenance and improvement of each process to make it as sustainable as possible and to be able to offer products of the highest quality.

High-quality materials that stand out for their durability and resistance which, if replaced, can be recycled and even reused to reduce the consumption of resources and not generate waste.

All this translates into actions and measures aimed at offering a product that is increasingly respectful of the environment. In short, making kitchens more sustainable.

DANESPAN, in short, is committed to efficiency and sustainability in all areas to achieve high quality products for customers with a sense of environmental responsibility is our goal.

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